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Psychotraumatology basic education

Three independent modules​

Module one: September 13th – 15th, 2019

Module two:

Module three:​

Hvert modul tæller 20 R.A.B. lektioner.


World Medicine Slagelsegade 12, 2100 København Ø


3.500, – for each module. Fee includes material and buffet.

All food served is gluten free, milk free and sugar free.


Payment  in Vestjysk Bank, Store Torv, 7500 Holstebro, Danmark.

Konto: 7600 1559186. Text: Full name

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Module one
Robert Bering & Daniel Asis

Psykiater, Prof., Dr. Med.
Komplementære & alternative traumeterapier.


  • Psykiske traumer
  • Psykiske lidelser.
  • Psykodynamik
  • Traumabiografi
  • Terapi
  • Fænomenologien af posttraumatiske belastningsreaktioner
  • Psykotraumatologi
  • Posttraumatisk belastningsreaktion (PTSD)
  • Sindslidelser som følge af misbrug af alkohol eller stoffer
  • Dissociative forstyrelser
  • Overvægt

Module one
Dr. med anesthesiologist

Chromo Therapy
Colored glases Therapy


  • ​Identify the symptom/problem
  • Identify ancient or recent episode and involved tissue.
  • Process the scene with different interventions.
  • Many repetitions.

Learning outcome

Complete treatment with light on ear points and coloured glasses

Module two
Arvin Larsen, Robert Bering, Pe-Lin Wu​

Heilpraktiker, forfatter, grundlægger af Holistica, Heilpraktiker, forfatter​, 35 års klinisk erfaring.

Program modul 2.
Fredag d. 20. april 2018, 10.30 – 18.30.

​Danmarks meste eftertragtede terapeut med to års ventetid, Arvin Larsen præsenterer nyeste viden om sammenhænge mellem psyko-neuro-immunologi, psyko-neuro-endokrinologi, psyko-neuro-gastroenterologi. Arvin Larsen viser vej til at opløse indad- eller udadrettede fordomme, tanker og følelser, der på dokumenteret vis griber direkte ind i nervesystem, hormonsystem, immunsystem og til sidst det genetiske udtryk. Forfædres erfaringer og adfærdsmønstre kan overføres til næste generation og danne grundlag for instinktiv automatadfærd, der kan udløse sygdomme. Dyb helbredelse finder sted, når mennesket opløser fordomme og domme der generer adskillelse.

Module two

Psykiater, prof., Dr Med.


  • Psykotraumatologi og posturologiens sammenhæng
  • Posturologiske konsekvenser af traumer
  • Neurobiologiske konsekvenser af traumer
  • Kroniske smerter, en mulig konsekvens af traumer

Module two
Foto Ingeniør

Søndag d. 22. april fra 9.00 – 13.00​

  • Kinesisk te-ceremoni.
  • “Comeback to calm”
  • Teens effekt.
  • Ceremoniens effekt​.

Module three
Kurt Mosetter, John Howard, Robert Bering 


Friday September 21st: 17.00 – 21.00 Dr. Robert BERING & Anne Marie Vester


Live investigation of trauma compensation.

Live treatment and evaluation of three trauma patients.


Saturday September 22nd 9.30 – 18.30 Dr. KURT MOSETTER


Overcoming a trauma happens from inside.

Like the different layers of an onion, the story of each layer is touched, gets integrated, until the nucleus of traumatic experience can be elevated and transformed.

Hands on in soft touch patterns: Jaw muscles, neuromuscular network around the atlas and occiput, ventral spine, scaleni muscles, Diaphragma, Iliopsoas and pelvic floor.

·      Hands on to induce self-regulation in autonomic nervous system and neuromuscular synchronisation

·      Natural healing in different small steps: Stabilising, understanding, integrating and overcoming traumatic experience

·      Stabilisation first- within the psychodynamic setting together with patients

·      Body-Support in strengthening the motoric branch of trauma compensation mechanism

·      Regulation in Vagus nerve network

·      Neuromuscular rebalancing of the interoception

·      Regaining perception from the motor-sensory side

·      Nonverbal dialog in order to understand the language of the body and to listen to its story

·      Simulated and stimulated motor-neuro pattern in the process of the trauma transformation

·      Causal pain release from inside

·      In walking small steps together within the patients rhythm, the stories of their biography can be unwinded and reintegrated

o   Research

o   Literature

o   Pain

o   Dissociation

o   Trauma scheme

o   Trauma compensation

o   Neuromuscular PTDS (Post Traumatic Disorder Symptom)

o   Etiology

o   Life Event

o   Biography


Sunday 23rd. 8.30 – 16.00 JOHN HOWARD



1. Introduction and History of Battlefield Acupuncture (BFA)

2. Uses and Advantages of BFA – Why use BFA and what conditions can it treat?

3. Type of Needles used and why

4. Needle Insertion Techniques

5. Point Location and Function – BFA Anatomy and Points

6. Treatment Steps and Procedures

6. Clinical Cut-Offs and Delayed Response

7. Step by Step Review of the Protocol

8. Ear Care and Treatment Follow-up

9. Questions & Answers

10. Conclusion

11. Clinical Demonstrations

12. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

For more information about Battlefield Acupuncture, please visit our website at:

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